USB DAC for 15 Euro!

Bought myself a little Christmas present.

Want to see if I can get a little less noise when listening to music on my PC.

Ordered a little Bur Brown PCM2704 based DAC board on eBay (here). It’s actually amazing what you get for 15 Euro!

It has a precision clock based on a +-25 ppm 12

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PC-Speaker measurement

Made the first frequency response measurement of my PC-Speaker today. I used HOLMImpulse for the measurements. I just placed the mic at the place where my head is usually situated in front of the PC. So it ia a near field measurement, with all the garbage around the speakers, screen, coffee mug etc. This

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PC Speakers

I have for a long time had some drivers that was intended for some small PC speakers. I got the units on sale some years ago. The Tweeter is a Seas 25TFFN, and the bass is probably a Peerles OEM product 13 cm, with a coated paper cone.

The units are mounted in a small

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Just saw an advertisement in the UK magazine Hi-Fi world, of the new MIT cables.

I’ve always wondered what was inside all those boxes you see on very expensive and exotic cables.

I don’t have much good to say about expensive cables, as it’s a lot of snake oil and BS to me. To

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