AceBass up and running

AceBass circuit on small PCB

Finally got the PCB for my AceBass circuit populated with components. It has been in my drawer for some time, but now it is time to do something about it.

…. and it actually works like a charm.

I used my small 6.5″ Peerless woofer (which I use for my

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PCB for AceBass

Has been working a bit on my AceBass project. A hopefully working design and schematic has been produced, and I have made a layout for a small PCB. The board will be 6.3 cm by 4.9 cm.

The board has been ordered at Olimex, my prefered supplier for prototype boards. They have a great service,

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ACE Bass

Have been reading a bit on the ACE Bass concept used by AudioPro for their subwoofers.

It all started back in the eighties with the AudioPro B2-50 a small dedicated subwoofer with two 6,5″ woofers capable of doing 20Hz at realistic levels.

I have tried both sealed subs, and vented designs, and there is just no

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