Class-d Amp listening impressions

Have now tuned the stereo version somewhat.

It’s running 300 kHz, and is able to put out some 150 W in 8 ohm, though I have not tried yet to test it to the limit.

It is build into an old Yamaha box, using a 3 x 35V transformer of a decent size and

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Using DirectFET from IRF for DIY amplifiers

The new series of FETs from International Rectifier called DirectFet, are not really DIY friendly

Look at the comparison between a normal TO-220 stle of MosFet, here IRF640 that I have used in my 400W amp. Besides is the tiny IRF6785 DirectFET which should we good for the same kind of amp size!!!


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PCB for AceBass

Has been working a bit on my AceBass project. A hopefully working design and schematic has been produced, and I have made a layout for a small PCB. The board will be 6.3 cm by 4.9 cm.

The board has been ordered at Olimex, my prefered supplier for prototype boards. They have a great service,

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