ACE Bass

Have been reading a bit on the ACE Bass concept used by AudioPro for their subwoofers.

It all started back in the eighties with the AudioPro B2-50 a small dedicated subwoofer with two 6,5″ woofers capable of doing 20Hz at realistic levels.

I have tried both sealed subs, and vented designs, and there is just no

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Diffusor treatment of first reflections

How to create a DIY diffusor from fiberglass to treat early reflection and improve sound and stereo imaging

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Baldin’s Blog

As I had to move my web site, I first of all decided to get myself a real domain, and not some funny free-bee location as my previous, on my telecom companys server.

That done I started to investigate the oppotunity to use a new web tool, rather than my old (but ok) FrontPage 2003.

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