Class-D, New revision, New PCBs

Class-d, new PCBTime to do an updated version of my class-d amplifier. Last revision was more of a prototype, with a mother board where all the switching and output filter was placed, and a daughter board where the modulator was placed. This allowed for playing a lot with the modulator, but now it is time to integrate it all on a single smaller PCB.

Where the mother board measured 8 x 10 cm, the new PCB only measuers 5,3 x 10 cm!

There will be components on both sides. All the smd components will be on the under side, and the larger through hole components will be on the top side.

Additionally a few bugs have been fixed, and the possible voltage till be higher. I also want to test some new MosFets, namely IRFB4229, which will be especially good for subwoofer usage …. these FETs are good for staggering 91 A!!!

Will be interesting to see, whether it performes as good as the last ……

Stay tuned 😉

New PCB, both sides seen

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    The design has now been tested. I works ok, but I stll have the same problems at start up time, where it has to be connected to a speaker and there has to be a signa on the input to get it to oscillate. Problem is that the circuit at start up goes towards the positive rail, but this is not possible as the boot strap capacitor is not charged at the initial state.

    I have tried a great number of tricks to get it charged, or have the amp tend to start up towards the negative rail, but nothing seem to work. Even when I force the IRS2110 to start with a low input, it does not start!

    I think it have probably also something to do with the protection circuit, but I have now tried two other half bridge drivers; Si8244 and LM5104. Both seem on a bread board to be much more cooperative …… I’ll try these out in the next two prototypes … stay tuned :)

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