Class-D Amp version 3 running

Well it’s been some time since I started working on my third version of my class-d design. It has taken some time to make work reliably.

I had designed without any means of additional dead time than is provided by the gate diodes and resistors. This is simply not a way to go. The output simply got too hot. So I had to add a little board with dead time control build around a 74HC86.

Another thing which has played me for years, is getting the amp to start up when either there is no signal on the input or the output is not connected. After many trials, I have now implemented a new concept, but it has still problems to start oscillating without either input or output connected. But test shows that it dosen’t do any harm to the amp, and that it starts when it is connected. So this is it for now.

I have now designed a new PCB and will send it for production at Olimex. Will also try to conect it to a larger power supply ad test it at max out.

Stay tuned :)

Version 3 working


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