Baldin’s blog is meant as a companion to  www.sensibleaudio.dk

Sendibleaudio.dk has for a long time been a bit of a mix between the proces of creating the projects, like describing all the prototypes that goes before the “end product”. and a detailed description of the final version.

The pages on Baldin’s blog will be dedicated to the process, as an online daily/weekly/monthly log of the progress, the thoughts, what works, what dosen’t etc. Hopefully people will find this interesting to read, and hopefully there will also be some interesting comments and idears from the readers.

The blog will give insights to coming projects, the ongoing projects, current interests and idears. I’ll try to update this site as often as possible to mage for a dynamic environment.

From time to time you’ll also be able to find me on differnet other forums, mostely on diyaudio.com, where I’ll contribute to different topics.

Hope you’ll find Baldin’s blog interesting to read.

Best regards Baldin