Speaker Link Page

There are a great many great sites out there on the topic of building DIY speakers. But here are a collection on those I find most usefull.  If you think I’m missing a great site, please comment or send me a mail.

zapaudio-custom ZapAudio

The site has a excellent and comprehensive review of drivers. Each driver has been measured fr frequency responce, distortion etc.
There is also a comparisson between the drivrs on which delivers the best value for money …. super.
Only draw back is the lack of larger bass drivers.
There are also a number of speaker constructions, with enclosure and filters etc. Don’t miss this site if you are building speakers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Troels Gravesen

Troels Gravesen has a great site with a huge number of finished speaker projects, from small to large. How did this guy get time to do all these?
The site is great information and inspiration to all speaker builders.

humble-custom Humble Homemade Hifi

The site is another guy, that have found time to do an unheard number of speaker projects, from small to very very large.
The divers used are generally very expensive, but you’ll find a lot of information and a lot of inspiration on this site.

hiend-custom HI-END Audio

If you like ProAC, there are a number of clone projects. There are also some interesting information about Wilsons Watt Puppy and their different versions, but I’m still waiting for his project to make a clone …
Good inspiration though …

big-ears3-custom Mark Wheeler

Mark Wheeler has an interesting page on cabinet walls, and the choosen materials influence on the sound. Important conclussions.
For more discussions on material for enclosures take a lok her at DIY Audio

diyaudio-custom DIY Audio

Though not a single page, don’t forget to use DIY Audio’s speaker section