Class-d Amp listening impressions

Have now tuned the stereo version somewhat.

It’s running 300 kHz, and is able to put out some 150 W in 8 ohm, though I have not tried yet to test it to the limit.

It is build into an old Yamaha box, using a 3 x 35V transformer of a decent size and

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Class-d soon in stereo!!

Have had some time to finish a main board more, so soon I’ll have the oppotunity to try the amp out on my stereo set-up.

So soon the truth will come out ….. does this designhave any potential as a full rage amlifier?

I have done some modifications as well. Main point being that I

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UcD Modulator

Got the UcD modulator daughter board assembled. It’s the UcD on the right with the DIP comparator. It works quite well and played the first time, something I have found with UcD all the times I have tried this kind of modulator .. it’s just so easy to get to oscillate.

With the chosen components

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New Modulator PCB

New vs. old PCB

Been too long since I posted anything here. Have been bussy …. but not with DIY Anyway a bit of DIY have been done I made a new and improved PCB for the SODA modulator. Now both the opamp and the compaator is SMD, as I’ve settled for MAX913. Though

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