Reckhorn D-165

Got myself a Reckhorn D-165 and 2 x P-6.5 passive units, intended for a mini subwoofer for my home office. On paper the 6.5 inch D-165 looks really promesing.Link to shop: Reckhorn Amazing build quality for 30 € only?!Fast delivery and nicely packed … good job Reckhorn 😊 The passives are not as impressive and quite flimsy. Seem the suspension is somewhat more soft than the D-165 .. giving a lowe Fs. Comes with 3 small discs to add weight to the 20g alu cone. Plan is to build a small active sub in a box of 11 – 15 … Continue reading Reckhorn D-165

Restoring Avance Concrete 180

Retro look, good sound, and bringing a great speaker to life again Decided that we need some music in our living room. We have a separate listening room / home theater, so what we need is just to be able to play a little music from Spotify etc . I had a small dream of doing some retro, and restoring an old classic or something, which looked cool and play ok. A month ago I saw an add, to pick up a pair of Avance Concrete 180 speakers, for 25 Euro. They looked ok, but the foam surrounds on the … Continue reading Restoring Avance Concrete 180