What Drivers Do They Use? – Perlisten

I was at the Sound Society HiFi show here in CPH DK last weekend and had the fortune to listen to both the r5t and the s7t Limited Edition.What stood out to me, besides overall very very good sound, was the stereo perspective. It was unusually wide and precise. It was similar for the 2 set of speakers and I would therefor assume it is down to the concept of the tweeter/mid array. (it was probably down to the room/setup/where I was sitting but I actually liked the sound from the much cheaper r5t over the super expensive s7t Limited … Continue reading What Drivers Do They Use? – Perlisten

What Drivers Do They Use? – Procella Speakers

Procella is a well known and highly acclaimed Swedish company selling high end Home Theater speakers as well as speakers for cinema use. The founders Anders Uggelberg and Gerben Van Duyl used to work for DTS, where Anders was Director of Cinema Technology for DTS Europe. The brand was formed after Anders in 2005 was responsible for building the state of the art DTS headquarter cinema, where he found that the requirements where of such that they could not find any suitable speakers, and therefore decided to build their own. In 2006 Procella was founded. Read much more here. Procella … Continue reading What Drivers Do They Use? – Procella Speakers

What Drivers Do They Use? – Kii Audio / Kii Three

The Kii Audio Kii Three, is a briliant construction and innovation setting new standards for a small speaker this size. Brain child of not least Bruno Putzeys, the inventor of the UcD class D amplifier topology and co-owner of Hypex, it builds on the heritage of small active studio monitors but with some distinct refinements. Another speaker of the time is the rivaling Dutch & Dutch c8 which shows much the same performance with regards to constant directivity but implemented in a different way. The speaker is of course fully active, and the filtering is done i the digital domain … Continue reading What Drivers Do They Use? – Kii Audio / Kii Three

Earthquake DBXI-15D + SLAPS 15

Just bought myself a new subwoofer set. Earthquake DBXI-15D and SLAPS 15, a combination used in Earthquake’s Supernova 15 sup which cost around 3000 euro. The active driver is a 15 inch long throw unit with a linear Xmax of 37 mm one way! Will try the combination in a 72 liter box, which is the recommended volume from Earthquake, and I think similar to the Supernova. The T/S parameters given by the factory does not make much sense and can’t be real. So it is impossible to simulate up front. I think this is not really professional of Earthquake. … Continue reading Earthquake DBXI-15D + SLAPS 15

Replacing Scan Speak 13M Kevlar with Dayton RS125

Is the Dayton RS125 an almost drop in replacement for the expensive ScanSpeak 13M Kevlar? Yes in this case! Read on: Having burned one of my midtone drivers, a renowned ScanSpeak 13M 8636, which has served me well for many years. As I have been thinking about making some all brand new speakers full range ribbons) I was not really willing to pay the 200 Euro a new SS unit costs. Actually I find it a rather steep price no matter what, but it is actually quite good. But instead I looked at alternatives, well knowing that just changing a … Continue reading Replacing Scan Speak 13M Kevlar with Dayton RS125

Refoaming a Cerwin Vega 12 inch woofer

Many years ago I purchased a pair of Cerwin Vega D5e speakers for the money I got in present for my confirmation party (15 years old). I had these speakers through my teens up until I was on technical university where I build a new pair of speakers. They served through many parties, running uff my NAD 2020. Really efficient speakers capable for playing really loud in modest rooms with the only 20 watt of power. Amazing 🙂 I sold the speakers long ago … to get only a modest amount of cash … why 🙁 ….. Now some 30 … Continue reading Refoaming a Cerwin Vega 12 inch woofer