Old Projects

This page is meant to archive older projects wich is maybe not so relevant anymore, but might still be useful for some.

L.C Audio “The End” Amplifier

My old L.C Audio “The End” amplifier. 2 x 180 W, with the first 30 watts in Class-A. 2 x 800VA torodial transformers and 4 x 22.000 uF Evox Rifa PEH169 Electrolytic Capacitors. Front panel in 3 cm granite!!

One chenel is unfortunately burned, but the plan is to update it with some hefty Class-D amplifier modules. Stay tuned 😉

Main speakers

My main speakers date back from my years at the university, studying acoustics as one object of my B.Sc.

Consists of 2 x 8 inch Peerless woofers in vented box, Scan Speak 13M Kevlar (now changed for Dayton RS125) and the renowned Dynaudio D-260 Esotar tweeter. Filter is an all 2. order implementation. Still plays really well, but I’m begining to plan for a major update.

Seas Coax Center Speaker

Monacor Surround Speakers

Sub Zero I