Class D using PQFN 5X6 mm MosFets

In my quest for making an all SMD Class D amp (see other post) I found that you can get some really good new Fets in very small PQFN 5x6mm packages. Some even come with a dual cooling option where you have a cooling pad on top as well as on the bottom. Gives a lot of opportunities. I decided to try out some of these fets, namely the FDMS86200DC from Onsemi, which is a super fast 150 V, 35 A, 18 mOhm fet. As it is only 150V the power in 8 ohm will be limited, but still using … Continue reading Class D using PQFN 5X6 mm MosFets

All SMD Class D AMP

I have been thinking about creating an All SMD component Class D amplifier. The purpose would be to keep a totally clean back side of the PCB, so that mounting the amp to a heatsink or an aluminum plate would be as easy as just using a foam heatsink spacer in the full size of the PCB, with maybe a single or 2 screws as a safety measure if the adhesive should somehow slip over time. I have over the last month been in the process of changing to KiCad 6.0, having been used to some old student versions of … Continue reading All SMD Class D AMP