Earthquake DBXI-15D + SLAPS 15

Just bought myself a new subwoofer set. Earthquake DBXI-15D and SLAPS 15, a combination used in Earthquake’s Supernova 15 sup which cost around 3000 euro. The active driver is a 15 inch long throw unit with a linear Xmax of 37 mm one way! Will try the combination in a 72 liter box, which is the recommended volume from Earthquake, and I think similar to the Supernova. The T/S parameters given by the factory does not make much sense and can’t be real. So it is impossible to simulate up front. I think this is not really professional of Earthquake. … Continue reading Earthquake DBXI-15D + SLAPS 15

Refoaming a Cerwin Vega 12 inch woofer

Many years ago I purchased a pair of Cerwin Vega D5e speakers for the money I got in present for my confirmation party (15 years old). I had these speakers through my teens up until I was on technical university where I build a new pair of speakers. They served through many parties, running uff my NAD 2020. Really efficient speakers capable for playing really loud in modest rooms with the only 20 watt of power. Amazing 🙂 I sold the speakers long ago … to get only a modest amount of cash … why 🙁 ….. Now some 30 … Continue reading Refoaming a Cerwin Vega 12 inch woofer

Reckhorn Mini-Sub

Wanted a small subwoofer for my home office. Have had my eyes on the small 6.5 inch Rechorn D-165 for some time. Only 30 Euro, and a really good build quality. There is no official data on the passive units, but from trials with 3 different weight adding, and comparing a measured impedance with simulation in WinISD, I find the parameters for the passives to be something like this: Vas = 70 l Qms = 2,8 Fs =15 Hz (without any added weight) Sd = 150 cm2 This is not exact at all, but I think near enough to do … Continue reading Reckhorn Mini-Sub

Reckhorn Mini-Sub – Preamp

For those interested, here is schematics and gerber files ready for use, for non commercial purposes of course. I have corrected the two small mistakes, so should work perfectly.Can be powered from the AMP PSU you use directly (must be a split supply with a positive and negative and a GND, of course). I lately use JLC for pcb’s: only 2 USD for 5 PCBs!It is dead easy, just upload the zip file and do the order; just drag and drop the zip file. …. pretty smart 😉 Schematics should be straight forward. Input pot needs to be Log and … Continue reading Reckhorn Mini-Sub – Preamp

Reckhorn D-165

Got myself a Reckhorn D-165 and 2 x P-6.5 passive units, intended for a mini subwoofer for my home office. On paper the 6.5 inch D-165 looks really promesing.Link to shop: Reckhorn Amazing build quality for 30 € only?!Fast delivery and nicely packed … good job Reckhorn 😊 The passives are not as impressive and quite flimsy. Seem the suspension is somewhat more soft than the D-165 .. giving a lowe Fs. Comes with 3 small discs to add weight to the 20g alu cone. Plan is to build a small active sub in a box of 11 – 15 … Continue reading Reckhorn D-165