Earthquake DBXI-15D + SLAPS 15

Just bought myself a new subwoofer set. Earthquake DBXI-15D and SLAPS 15, a combination used in Earthquake’s Supernova 15 sup which cost around 3000 euro. The active driver is a 15 inch long throw unit with a linear Xmax of 37 mm one way!

Will try the combination in a 72 liter box, which is the recommended volume from Earthquake, and I think similar to the Supernova.

The T/S parameters given by the factory does not make much sense and can’t be real. So it is impossible to simulate up front. I think this is not really professional of Earthquake. Will do my own measurement as soon as I have the unit installed in a test box.

Anyway the build quality of both the driver and the passive SLAPS is really good, and they both seem very capable of very high sound pressures.

Earthquake’s Supernova 15 has gotten very good reviews so I’m really looking forward to getting it set up

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