Class-d soon in stereo!!

The two boardsHave had some time to finish a main board more, so soon I’ll have the oppotunity to try the amp out on my stereo set-up.

So soon the truth will come out ….. does this designhave any potential as a full rage amlifier?

I have done some modifications as well. Main point being that I have switched the output MosFets from the old IRF640 to the much newer IRFB5620. These are MosFets dedicated for class-d amplifiers and are around 3 times as fast as the IRF640! They are also capable of a bit more current.

I’m preparing an old Yamaha surround amp for receiving new guts … have taken out all the old stuff, have placed a new and bigger transformer and will add the two channels plus a power supply board.

The transformer are capable of either 2x33V or 2x38V at idle which will be some 2x30V / 2x35V ACĀ  at nominal load.

I bought a bunch of these transformers a while ago, for 4 USD a piece ….. they are not used but was part of a clerance sale. Nice :)

Stay tuned!!!

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