Class-d Amp listening impressions

IMG_8485 (Medium)

Have now tuned the stereo version somewhat.

It’s running 300 kHz, and is able to put out some 150 W in 8 ohm, though I have not tried yet to test it to the limit.

It is build into an old Yamaha box, using a 3 x 35V transformer of a decent size and 2 x 10.000 uF capacitors.

But that’s just tech talk … how does it sound?

Well, I’m comparing it to a big class AB amp based on LC Audio’s The End. It’s a 180 W version with 2 massive 800 VA transformers and 4 x 22.000 uF RIFA capacitors.

An amplifier that has been my faithful amp for a long time.

In comparison, I find the new class-d amp more precise. Not cold or harsh, but just more precise.

It’s easy to pinpoint the actors on the stage, and it “quiet” around the different instruments.

The End amp, as my wife put it; is more hazy! It leaves an impression of more spaciousness, but it is not as easy to locate exactly where the actors are standing on the stage.

I think it will take a bit getting used to, but it quite definitely have potential …. And I still have a number of possible improvements up my sleeve 😉

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