PC Speakers

PC SpeakersI have for a long time had some drivers that was intended for some small PC speakers. I got the units on sale some years ago. The Tweeter is a Seas 25TFFN, and the bass is probably a Peerles OEM product 13 cm, with a coated paper cone.

The units are mounted in a small closed box.

Next step will be to measure and to make a crossover. I will go for something easy, maybe just 1. order, to save money and time.

They are hooked up now, the bass only, and the sound is actually pretty good.

Speaker standing next to PC

At the moment I’m driving the speakers with my mini class-d amps, having some 25W available.

Look here at my new toolshop :mrgreen:  …  just finished it all here last week. Damn it’s good to have a nice place to work in the evenings and weekends ….

Tool shop

Stay tuned :)

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