Updated Sep 12. 2009


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Welcome to Sensible Audio's Homepage.


The intention of this home page is to bring DIY (Do It Yourself) information to the happy amateur.

Allthough the DIY race is dying out, as all electronics are becoming highly integrated and very complex, we still think there are money to be saved, and great fun to be had, by constructing or building audio components your self.

The areas where an amature can still do something better than the multinational companies are decreasing, and the projects should therefore be chosen carefully.

Especially speakers are an area where the overall performance of ordenary speakers are rapidly decreasing. Today people mostly bye packaget solutions with a DVD receiver and a 5.1 speaker set, and the avarage price of these packages are rapidly decreasing.

People seems to expect that speakers the size, weight and cost comparable to what we accept for our PC's, will have even better performance that old fashion speakers made of wood and reasonable drivers, instead of fullrande drivers in plastic cabinets! Though the electronics are getting better and better, the speakers are not.

Room for improvements?


Contact: Sensibleaudio@gmail.com



Baldin's Blog

Visit the new blog, where there will be information on ongoing projects, pictures of the process, discussions on design and construction. Be ther, and give your contribution and thoughts to the process.


Want to build a small but very capable subwoofer with class-d amp and parametric equilizer?

Take a look here

Home Theater and Listening Room

Many people buy very expensive cables and other stuff to optimise the sound, but why not get some real difference, by getting the acoustics right?

Follow the construction

Micro UcD

We investigate the difference between a pre- and a post-filter configuration, by producing a class-d amplifier that can work in either UcD or Hysteresis mode! Take a look at this credit card sized amp.

Read the article


Full bridge Class-d

The full bridge project, producing a 400 W class-d amplifier, is nearing it's end. The result are quite satisfying.

Take a look