Class D using PQFN 5X6 mm MosFets

In my quest for making an all SMD Class D amp (see other post) I found that you can get some really good new Fets in very small PQFN 5x6mm packages. Some even come with a dual cooling option where you have a cooling pad on top as well as on the bottom. Gives a lot of opportunities. I decided to try out some of these fets, namely the FDMS86200DC from Onsemi, which is a super fast 150 V, 35 A, 18 mOhm fet. As it is only 150V the power in 8 ohm will be limited, but still using … Continue reading Class D using PQFN 5X6 mm MosFets

All SMD Class D AMP

I have been thinking about creating an All SMD component Class D amplifier. The purpose would be to keep a totally clean back side of the PCB, so that mounting the amp to a heatsink or an aluminum plate would be as easy as just using a foam heatsink spacer in the full size of the PCB, with maybe a single or 2 screws as a safety measure if the adhesive should somehow slip over time. I have over the last month been in the process of changing to KiCad 6.0, having been used to some old student versions of … Continue reading All SMD Class D AMP

What Drivers Do They Use? – Procella Speakers

Procella is a well known and highly acclaimed Swedish company selling high end Home Theater speakers as well as speakers for cinema use. The founders Anders Uggelberg and Gerben Van Duyl used to work for DTS, where Anders was Director of Cinema Technology for DTS Europe. The brand was formed after Anders in 2005 was responsible for building the state of the art DTS headquarter cinema, where he found that the requirements where of such that they could not find any suitable speakers, and therefore decided to build their own. In 2006 Procella was founded. Read much more here. Procella … Continue reading What Drivers Do They Use? – Procella Speakers

What Drivers Do They Use? – Kii Audio / Kii Three

The Kii Audio Kii Three, is a briliant construction and innovation setting new standards for a small speaker this size. Brain child of not least Bruno Putzeys, the inventor of the UcD class D amplifier topology and co-owner of Hypex, it builds on the heritage of small active studio monitors but with some distinct refinements. Another speaker of the time is the rivaling Dutch & Dutch c8 which shows much the same performance with regards to constant directivity but implemented in a different way. The speaker is of course fully active, and the filtering is done i the digital domain … Continue reading What Drivers Do They Use? – Kii Audio / Kii Three